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QuickBit Blockstream Jade

Sold for Bitcoin by : QuickBit

100,605 sats ($88.95 CAD)



Introducing the Blockstream Jade, a cutting-edge hardware wallet designed for secure storage of Bitcoin and Liquid assets. Its complete open-source hardware and software system ensures that your keys remain safely offline, shielded from potential cyber threats and hacking attempts.

Additional Information

The incorporation of a camera feature facilitates fully air-gapped transactions, providing an additional layer of security to your financial activities. Moreover, the wallet is equipped with rate-limited, server-enforced PIN protection, ensuring the security of your funds, even if the device lands in unauthorized hands.

The vibrant full-color screen with QR code support streamlines the management of your Bitcoin, while the compatibility with Bitcoin  is secured through the Hardware Wallet Interface (HWI) wallet support. Additionally, the inclusion of independent PIN server support grants users increased control over their security protocols.

Take no chances with your Bitcoin. Opt for the Blockstream Jade to enjoy unparalleled peace of mind in the secure storage of Bitcoin and. Place your order today to experience the utmost in Bitcoin security.

To authenticate your Blockstream Jade, kindly verify its unique serial number on the tamper-proof bag through ( to confirm its origin from QuickBit (The Crypto Boutique). The Crypto Boutique is an authorized dealer, located at 424 Victoria Ave E, and manages all shipping and handling, ensuring the secure delivery of the products.

Color: Black

Shipping: 20.00 CAD Canada Wide





Reviews for QuickBit

0 Reviews | Write a Review