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Zen Rox Wood Sage & Sea Salt Candle

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45,211 sats ($40.00 CAD)



Unwind and ground yourself with our Wood Sage & Sea Salt scent. This earthy aroma brings calm to your mind while relaxing your body. Unique crystals have been selected to achieve a specific vibration.

Infused with hand selected crystals:

*Amethyst to purify the mind of negative thoughts and promote good health

*Rose Quartz for unconditional self love and promote emotional healing

*Celestite to conect with the spiritual realm and connect with spirit guides
Sprinkled with Sage leaves, Rose petals & glitter.

Each hand poured biodegradable soy based candle is 200g/7oz with a cotton wick (40 hours of burn time).

Scented with natural essence fragrance oils and contain no harmful dyes or additives.

Additional Information

Our packaging is eco friendly with a recyclable paper box and glass jar that can be used to store crystals, hold sage leaves/bundle while cleansing, fill with fertilizer and mini plant or serve any other purpose you wish!

Refer to candle care instructions inclosed with packaging. Once you have reached the end of your candle, remove the crystals and wash off any wax on them with warm water. Place the crystals in your space to further enjoy their positive vibrations.


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Reviews for Zen Rox

0 Reviews | Write a Review