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Quoted Tech Signature PCs Yin Creator, AMD Ryzen 9 7900x, Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti

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3,221,285 sats ($2,850.00 CAD)



Power & beauty Balanced In Perfect Harmony
The principles of Yin and Yang are that contrary forces are interconnected and exist in perfect harmony. The natural duality of power and beauty – light and dark- inspired us to create our Yin and Yang systems. Perfectly balanced power with stunning minimalistic visuals, we’ve  designed a system that packs a serious punch, but doesn’t sacrifice on grace and elegance, Designed with longevity and airflow in mind, Yin and Yang were created for those long gaming or productivity sessions with minimal distraction. Competitive pairings for AMD CPU’s and Nvidia GPU’s for long productivity or gaming sessions. No Corners cut.


CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7900X
GPU: Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti
RAM: 32GB @ 5200 MHz
CONNECTIVITY: Ethnernet + WiFi

Additional Information

Colour: Black

Built To Last

We’ve got your back with our standard
warranties at no additional charge

3 Year Parts

Rest assured knowing that your
Quoted.Tech PC is fully covered.

5 Year Service

Even if your Quoted.Tech PC is no longer under
manufacturer warranty, we’ll service it for free.



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Reviews for Quoted Tech

0 Reviews | Write a Review