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QuickBit Seedor Starter Kit

Sold for Bitcoin by : QuickBit

216,092 sats ($189.95 CAD)



Introducing the SEEDOR Safe – Starter Set, a revolutionary product meticulously crafted by Seedor to enhance the security of your Bitcoin Seed Phrase. The set is ingeniously designed to facilitate the secure storage of your Recovery Seeds using durable solid stainless steel. With the SEEDOR Safe – Starter Set, you have the ability to imprint your seed onto robust stainless steel discs and securely store them within the Seedor Safe, ensuring the utmost protection for your valuable Bitcoin.

Additional Information

Exceptional Stainless Steel Quality

Dedicated to ensuring top-tier security, the Seedor Safe Starter Set is constructed using stainless steel of the highest grade, precisely the type 1.4301 variant, which adheres to the stringent EN ISO 9001 standards. This choice of material guarantees the durability and sturdiness necessary for the secure preservation of your crucial seed phrase.


Reliable and Foolproof Design

At Seedor, we’ve meticulously designed the Seedor Safe, prioritizing accessibility and security even in the most challenging circumstances. Our fail-safe approach ensures that, even if your wallet were to open or disassemble unexpectedly, your Seed Phrase and access to your Bitcoin remain completely secure. This is made possible through our simple yet effective solution: employing one stainless steel disc for each word of the seed phrase, with each disc inscribed with the corresponding number, based on its sequence in the seed.


Crafted with Precision in Germany

We are proud to announce that every phase of Seedor’s development, including the manufacturing of all components, is carried out entirely in-house in Germany. Our unwavering dedication to excellence and security drives us to offer you a product that not only endures the test of time but also guarantees the utmost peace of mind.

Shipping: 20.00 CAD Canada Wide


Reviews for QuickBit

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