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QuickBit Blockstream Metal Offline Backup

Sold for Bitcoin by : QuickBit

199,054 sats ($188.98 CAD)



Crafted with the utmost precision and care, the Blockstream Metal Offline Backup is not just an ordinary backup; it’s a heavyweight champion of security, ensuring the protection of your Bitcoin. Constructed from premium metals. The Blockstream Metal Offline Backup seamlessly combines style and robustness, providing a secure and stylish method to safeguard your 24-word seed phrase. Rest assured that your Bitcoin will remain protected in the face of any potential challenges, including floods, fires, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Additional Information

Enhance Your Security Strategy:

In a digital landscape fraught with threats, opting for physical offline seed word storage becomes paramount. Say goodbye to delicate paper and embrace a tangible solution that shields you from potential disasters. It’s time to distance your seed words from the vulnerabilities of the Cloud, an arena that has witnessed its share of compromises. Countless tales abound of malicious actors breaching Cloud accounts and absconding with funds by exploiting exposed seed words. It’s a situation that benefits no one, and we’re here to offer the remedy.

The Reliability of Metal:

Every Blockstream Metal Offline Backup is crafted with a keen focus on both simplicity and security. Each package includes meticulously designed character tiles that seamlessly integrate into the device. Simply slide back the cover after placing the first 4 letters of each word, and rest assured that our marine-grade 316 stainless steel forms an impenetrable shield against the elements, ensuring your peace of mind.

The Perfect Companion to Blockstream Jade:

If you’re already captivated by the capabilities of the Blockstream Jade, get ready for the ultimate pairing. The Blockstream Metal Offline Backup seamlessly complements the Jade, enhancing the robustness of your security ecosystem.

Disclaimer: We Cannot Account for Unforeseen Boating Mishaps.

Shipping: 20.00 CAD Canada Wide

Reviews for QuickBit

0 Reviews | Write a Review