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3D Printernational CreatBot F430 Dual Extruder Large Enclosed Chamber 3D Printer

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CreatBot F430 is a powerful 3D printer with the most advanced desktop 3D technology. It provides solutions for just about every application from concept to prototype and high-performance material direct production. Its best-in-class technical specifications deliver the performance you can rely on.

Large Print Size Dual Extruders Metal Closed Chamber 1.75mm Pla Abs Pva Peek Nylon PC Pa Printing

Additional Information 

  • Fully Enclosed High-Temperature Chamber: A fully enclosed chamber can block all external interference and reduce noise. The hot chamber can provide a constant room temperature of up to 70°C so that model won’t deform when printing.
  • Large Build Volume: 400*300*300 mm
  • 420°C Hotend CreatBot: Is the first one to publish 420°C high-temperature nozzles to 3D printer market since the year 2016, now it is the 4th new tech version.F430 equipped with dual extruders, The left 260°C and the right 420°C.
  • High Speed and High Precision: The extruder feeding system and guide rail, support high-speed printing. Its printing accuracy can reach high to 0.04mm, and it allows to extrude filament steady without blocking the nozzle.
  • Glass-Ceramic Platform + Carbon Fiber Sheet: The printer has a heatable glass-ceramic platform and a carbon fiber sheet covered.
    Glass-ceramic have high thermal efficiency and the best low-expansion coefficient, so it doesn’t deform when heating & cooling.
  • Air Filter System: The air filter system can adsorb impurities and gases generated by printing special filament, more safe and environmental protection which is more suitable for house, school, office space.
  • Automatic Leveling Platform: BLtouch smart version uses 25 points through the probe to save the level of platform flatness data at the beginning. Through the Z-axis intelligent compensation table height in the printing process to achieve fully automatic leveling.


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Reviews for 3D Printernational

0 Reviews | Write a Review